100 Years since the YS&T Riots

The local Youngstown paper, The Vindicator, ran a couple articles in their Sunday (1/24) edition highlighting the Youngstown Sheet & Tube history and name.

The first gives a great history of the violent struggle between powerful steel interests and the workers who toiled daily in sometimes brutal conditions.

"What started as a labor dispute devolved into a day of rioting. By the time 2,000 National Guard troops arrived, they found a community charred and devastated."

The article details why the workers strike, how the owners responded, what sparked the riots, and the aftermath of scarred buildings and grand jury investigations. Through it all Jordyn Grzelewski does a fine job of painting the picture of what life was like in Youngstown and particularly what role the steel industry had in our town 100 years ago.

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Read more here: http://www.vindy.com/news/2016/jan/24/youngstown/